Assessment tips: Should you try to fudge on your employment test?
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Assessment tips: Should you try to fudge on your employment test?

Career assessment is becoming more popular with employers as they try to find better and better ways to identify good candidates Many are including employment tests as part of the hiring process. They are finding that a good assessment can help them predict who will be able to succeed in a given position. But as a candidate, should you try to cheat the employment test and fudge your answers? The short answer is “no.”

When it comes to taking an assessment, honesty is the best policy. Many candidates feel tempted to cheat a little on an employment test in the hopes that they will come out looking a little better than they really are. In reality, most personality quizzes or career profilers are geared to measure “cheating.”

On an assessment, honesty is the best policy – don’t try to fool an employment test.

The best assessments have been carefully developed to detect inconsistent answers given by the test taker. Too many inconsistencies can be interpreted as “fudging” on the part of the employment candidate – something employers don’t want to see! A candidate is much better off being honest about their answers than trying to fool the test. If you have been honest all the way through the interview process, a personality quiz or psychological test should back up what you have already shown to be your strengths and weaknesses.

Wouldn’t lying on an assessment be counterproductive anyway? What if your “fudged” answers to an employment test landed you a job you hate or aren’t qualified for? These tests help both the employer and the employee by matching candidates with jobs they will enjoy and have the potential to succeed at.

So next time you face an employment assessment, don’t try to outsmart the test. Just be honest, do your best and if you are right for the job you will get it. If not, then just be thankful that you avoided making a potentially disastrous career mistake by taking a job that is not right for you!

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